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Accommodation rules

1. The hotel can only accommodate those guests who have properly checked in. Therefore, every guest is required to present an ID (identity card, passport or other) upon their arrival, according to Law Nr. 135/82 Statute Book on reporting and recording of alien residence, as amended, and according to Law Nr. 428/2008 of the Statute Book on personal data protection, as amended. Guests from Rajecké Teplice can also be accommodated at the hotel. Every guest will receive a room card after checking in. The card will state the name of the hotel, the name of the guest, their room number, number of people staying in the room, arrival and departure as well as the check-out time.

2. According to Law No. 48/2008 of the Statute Book on pobyt cudzincov v platnom znení, guests who are not citizens of the Slovak Republic (aliens) will be handed an official residence report form by the reception. They will be required to fill out the form and hand it to the receptionist. All the required data is to be filled out truthfully and completely.

3. The hotel provides its guests with services to the extent determined by the offer.

4. The hotel parking lot is free of charge and monitored by cameras. The hotel is not responsible for vehicle thefts or damage caused to the parked vehicles. The guests are required to use the access roads and park their vehicles only on their designated spots. We recommend that our guests make sure their vehicles are properly locked and that they do not leave any personal belongings in the car. Guests will receive a parking card at the reception when they check in. This card is to be visibly placed in the car.

5. The guests are required to present their hotel card every time they return to the hotel.

6. If need be, the hotel can offer a different lodging to the guest, given that it does not severely differ from the lodging stated in the reservation.

7. If the guests made a single room reservation beforehand and this reservation was confirmed, the hotel can only charge them for a single room, even if these guests will end up staying at a double/triple room or a suite. This rule also applies in case the client has a confirmed double room reservation and the hotel makes them stay in a triple room or a suite.

8. An extra bed can only be provided upon the guest's request.

9. If the guest asks to extend their stay at the hotel, the hotel is allowed to offer them a different room than the one they were originally staying in.

10. The hotel does not take responsibility for personal belongings brought into the lodging or storage area by the accommodated guests. The hotel is only responsible for jewellery, money and other valuables, if the guest asked to put these belongings in the official depository (confirmation required).

11. If the guest gets sick or injured, the hotel is in charge of calling medical help and transferring the guest to the hospital.

12. Guests use their rooms during the designated time. They are allowed to use their room up until 10:00 a.m. of their last day. If the lodging period had not been determined beforehand, the guest is required to empty the room on their last day and check out at 10:00 am at the latest. If the guest does not do so, the hotel can charge them for the following day as well.

13. The hotel will charge the client with the following cancellation fees (depending on how early the client cancels their reservation):

  • more than 28 days before the arranged arrival: cancellation free of charge
  • 15-28 days before the arranged arrival: 30 % of the lodging price
  • 2-14 days before the arranged arrival: 50 % of the lodging price
  • less than 2 days before the arranged arrival: full lodging price

14. The guest is not allowed to move equipment, modify or interfere with electricity or other technical equipment in their room or in the common area without the hotel’s consent.

15. Especially in their hotel rooms, the guests are not allowed to use their own electric devices. This rule does not apply to devices used for the guest’s personal hygiene, such as an electric razor or a blow dryer.

16. Smoking is strictly banned on all the hotel premises.

17. Before leaving their hotel room, every guest is required to make sure the water taps are not running, to turn off the light, to lock the door and to leave the key at the designated place.

18. Due to safety reasons, it is not recommended to leave children under the age of 10 without adult supervision in the hotel room or in the common area of the hotel.

19. Guests are not allowed to bring sports equipment or devices to their room, if these objects have a designated storage area.

20. Ball games and other sports activities are to be practiced on the playground or other designated areas in a way that will not disturb or compromise the safety of other guests.

21. During the period from 10 p.m. till 6 a.m., the guests are required to not make noise. With the hotel’s consent (hotel manager or their deputy), the guests are allowed to organise a social event even after 10 a.m., but only in the designated area (not in their rooms).

22. In case any damage is caused, the guest must immediately report it to the reception.

23. According to effective legal regulations, the guest is responsible for any damage of the hotel property, furnishing or equipment.

24. Before their stay is over, the guest is required to pay for the lodging and the provided services according to the current price list. They must pay in cash or by invoice. The hotel can require an advance payment in cash or via bank transfer, to put down a principal sum or a credit card guarantee.

25. The price list for temporary lodging and other services can be viewed at the hotel reception.

26. Any complaints or recommendations of the guests are accepted by the hotel manager or their deputy.

27. This hotel policy is to be situated in the hotel, at a spot that is accessible to all the guests. The accommodated guests must follow this policy during their entire stay at the hotel.

28. Guests are required to follow the rules of this policy. In case these rules are broken, the hotel may cancel the contract for provision of lodging services before it was supposed to expire.

This hotel policy is valid from January 1st, 2017

Emília Duračinská
hotel manager