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Map for visitors

The Rajecká dolina valley

This picturesque valley is surrounded by two mountains (Strážovské vrchy and Súľovské vrchy) and is hiding in the shadow of another mountain (Lúčanská Malá Fatra). Its proper name is Rajecká Kotlina and this entire area is known for its rich flora and stunning nature. Hiking tracks and cycling trails are just about everywhere, which means that each and every one of our guests finds something to do around here.

Along with the Jupigo project, which the Skalka Hotel works with, we came up with a place where you can find great recommendations for trips, information about upcoming events as well as all the sights and places you do not want to miss while staying here.

Trips you can go on around here

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Upcoming events in this area

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Eye-catching sights around here

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Winter resorts around here

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