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Disc golf area

The Disc Golf Park at our hotel is the first one in Slovakia that is equipped with steady targets. We regularly hold disc golf classes for beginners with the top Slovak disc golf players giving us some insight into their craft.

Disc golf is an entertaining physical activity for all age groups. It is played similarly to regular golf, but instead of using a club and a ball, players use a flying disc. Their goal is to complete the course in the lowest number of total throws. There are 9 holes on the course, each one starts at the tee area and finishes at the target.

InfoBoard InfoBoard that explains the distribution of the holes, the game process and its rules.

The discs and the player’s card are available at the hotel sports equipment rental shop.


April – May
for the public to order
June – August
for the public 14:00 – 20:00
September – October
for the public to order

For more information, please contact the reception: +421 41 5175 100