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Data Privacy Declaration

Visiting and browsing

Browsing through the website does not require registration nor does it ask the user to enter any personal data.

If you fill out and send contact or reservation forms, these may contain some basic personal information. This data is protected and its use is specified in the following paragraphs.

Some data that is required in these forms may be considered personal, that is according to Law No. 52/1998 of the Statute book on the personal data protection in information systems.

Use of personal data

The required data will be used for the hotel’s internal purposes and will not be forwarded to third parties in any way (exchange, sale, etc.).

The data that is not deemed personal (such as questions, comments, ideas and opinions that you may fill out in the note-section of the form) is not considered confidential, which gives the owner of the server the right to use or publish this data without any commitments to the user and without any requirements of the user to the company in order to improve the company’s operation.

By filling out and sending the contact and/or reservation forms, you agree with having your information collected and used. The rules concerning the use of this data is described in this document.