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Declaration of Web Content


The Skalka Hotel and/or its suppliers are to the greatest extent possible not responsible for any damage or harm that was caused to a third party by the use of information on these websites or by the use of information included in the documents that are accessible through these websites. Mandatory legal liability regulations are not affected by the aforementioned  exclusions from liability.

The documents and information that are published on these websites or other websites of this company may contain technical inaccuracies and/or typographical errors. The Skalka Hotel and/or its suppliers have the right to, without warning and at any time, modify or improve the described products and/or services and/or programs. The information that is published on these websites or in the documents that are accessible on the websites does change from time to time and therefore the offered products and/or services do not always meet the website’s description.


You will find various links that will forward you to other websites or sources. You accept and recognise that the Skalka Hotel is not responsible for the accessibility of these external websites or sources, nor does it support or holds responsibility for its content, advertising, products or other things that are accessible through these websites or sources. The Skalka Hotel will not be held directly nor indirectly responsible for any real or alleged damages or losses caused by the content, products or services that are accessible through such websites or sources. Nor will it be held responsible for the damages or losses connected to the use of or connection to these websites or sources.
Users that visit any of the linked websites are therefore doing so exclusively at their own peril.


In accordance with the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, this website has the right to publish declarations oriented to the future. Such declarations may concern market expectations and opportunities, expectations in the field of finance, research, development and strategies, plans of the society, stock market growth, development and introduction of products and services, and our continuous evaluation of the competitiveness of the products and services we offer. These future-oriented declarations are mere predictions and include risks and uncertainties. The real results may be substantially different from the predictions mentioned in these declarations. These differences may be caused by various factors: risks connected to unfavourable changes in the general economic conditions, to unsuccessful cost reductions, to implementation of new technical procedures, to sufficiently fast development, to production and introduction of new products and services, and to the competitiveness of the Skalka Hotel on the highly competitive and ever-changing market.