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The Skalka Hotel Throughout the Years

Our hotel has a very captivating history, set against the backdrop of historical changes in the town of Rajecké Teplice.

1925, the location of our hotel was occupied by two villas - Vila Agrarius and Vila Dependance. Vila Dependance was home to a tiny school with only one class consisting of 18 pupils taught in Hungarian. The villas were made of wood and could therefore only be used during the summer season. It was crucial to have them renovated.

In 1925, the spa was sold to a powerful Czech financial institution from Ostrava (Bratrská revírní pokladna) that conducted an extensive and courageous renovation in the years 1926 - 1930. The original building of the Medical institution of Rajecké Teplice was built in the years 1930 - 1932 and was designed by Ing. Dr. Jaroslav Stockar-Bernkopf.

Construction of the Baník Sanatorium (nowadays the Skalka Hotel) was completed in 1932 and the building was put into use the same year. It was a rehabilitation centre for company employees and provided boarding and lodging for 90 people. Healing procedures were located in the nearby Bath House (nowadays the Aphrodite Palace).

On October 20th, 1940 the ownership of the spa — and the Baník Sanatorium — was transferred to a Slovak insurance company (Robotnícka sociálna poisťovňa Bratislava).
During the second world war, the entire sanatorium was occupied by a German military hospital "Kriegslazaret Dr. König". Interesting fact: today’s entertainment room was an operating room for them. After the war, the sanatorium underwent an expensive renovation and became a modern lodging facility that could accommodate over 100 guests.

In 1953, the spa was taken over by the Revolutionary Trade Union’s Spa, Sanatorium & Convalescent Home Administration (Správa kúpeľov, sanatórií a zotavovní ROH) and became a year-round facility.

In 2005, the original Baník Rehabilitation Centre was renovated into a three-star hotel.

Nowadays, the Skalka Hotel provides lodging for approximately 200 guests. Our guests are invited to our restaurant (capacity of 120 guests), our café, a conference room with complete technical equipment. During the summer season, our guests can enjoy themselves sitting by the fire at the bar on a large roofed terrace. Given that the original building was not meant to provide any healing procedures, it underwent an extensive renovation in 2008 - 2010 that resulted in a brand new modern spa centre. Everyone has the opportunity to try lots of procedures, such as cryotherapy, tanning beds, peat wraps, saunas, jacuzzis and others.